On top of the Rainbow

10 October 1986
Hi everyone!

Im Neli, born in Slovenia. Im currently studying graphic technologies and i must say im probably the laziest student possible.

Hm, now what to tell about myself...Im a Supernatural, CSI, anime, manga, games, yaoi loving fangirl who spends way too much time on her hobbies :D
I own 2 pets; persian cat (male) named Speedy (thats coz he's racing around the house all the time) and African gray parrot (also male) called Whiskey (no he doesent drink whiskey, his name just popped up in my mind when i bought him).

My very very VERY favorite game right now is Rogue Galaxy. As for anime...currently tops Mushishi and is folowed by Honey & clover. I love to collect all kinds of art that i can find on the internet.
I wish to learn japanese so i can browse more freely on their pages (now i rely on my intuition). I used to own Wacoms graphic tablet Bamboo Fun, and have just recently switched to Cintiq 12". I finally got it, yay ^_^
Im also quite familiar with computers or any other technology, so if something breaks im sure to repair it hehe. Which is kinda strange for a girl :D
Hmmm....oh yeah, which programs do i use for drawin? I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Open Canvas, for vectorising i use Illustrator.

Im also interested in photography, I used to own Canon A75 and Yashica 200 -AF and I recently saved money for Nikon D70 (lovely diference eh?)

What else....oh ofcourse :D I simply LOVE fantasy creatures, worlds anything thats unrealistic!!

Well, thats's about it. I'll add some more stuff if i remember anything interesting :D

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